One Health

Zoonotic outbreaks emphasise the need for a systematic One Health approach of sharing and assessing signals of (emerging) zoonotic infections between veterinary and medical professionals, particularly in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands with its intensive agriculture and farming.

RIVM Centre for Zoonoses and Environmental Microbiology is responsible for the early warning and risk assessment of the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from animals, food and the environment to humans in the Netherlands.

Dutch Signalling Forum Zoonoses

In 2011, a national Zoonoses Structure, an integrated human-veterinary risk analysis structure was formally installed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. An important platform in this structure is the Signalling Forum Zoonoses (SOZ) which conducts the first assessment of signals. The SOZ is part of an integrated human-veterinary risk analysis structure. The aim of this zoonoses structure is to signal, assess and control (potentially) emerging zoonotic infections that may pose a risk to animal and/or human health in an integrated human-veterinary approach.

Read more on the Dutch One Health approach and download our flyer 'Signalling and risk assessment of emerging zoonoses'.

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