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RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control : Strategy 2016-2021

RIVM-Centrum Infectieziektebestrijding : Strategie 2016-2021


This report contains an erratum d.d. 12-10-2017 on the last page

This strategy describes the ambitions of the Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CIb) for the coming years. It concerns the changes that the CIb considers to be necessary, rather than a summary of activities. Thanks to the efforts made by prevention and vaccination programmes, in the Netherlands there is relatively little disease and death as a result of infectious disease. However, there continue to be some important challenges. The rise of resistance to antibiotics is worrying and calls for an integral and coordinated plan of action. In addition, the success of the National Immunisation Programme (NIP) is not guaranteed: in order to maintain sustainable support from parents and professionals, it is necessary to continually invest in the programme and in communication with professionals and the public. Furthermore, it is important to gain insight into zoonotic threats (i.e. diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans). The number of people with sexually transmitted diseases in high risk groups such as prostitutes and drug users has also risen and it is very important that efforts to prevent these are continued. In order to control infectious diseases properly, it is also important to have insight into national and international trends and changes in this area. In terms of organisation, the aim is to further improve the structure within which infectious diseases are managed. In conclusion, good interaction between the national and international activities of the CIb is very important.


To reference/cite this report use: DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2017-0104

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