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New maps of concentrations and depositions for NSL and PAS : 2016

Grootschalige concentratie- en depositiekaarten Nederland : Rapportage 2017


The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has published the latest annual charts showing airborne concentrations of substances including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in the Netherlands in 2016. The charts also show the degree of nitrogen deposition on soil. Future calculations were made for the same substances for the period from 2017 up to and including 2030. The charts are made in order to monitor NSL (a national air quality cooperation programme) and PAS (a programmed approach to nitrogen). These programmes include checks on the effects of spatial planning on airborne concentrations of pollutants.

Nitrogen dioxide slightly higher in 2016, but lower in 2030 than estimated last year

The measured concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were higher in 2016 than in 2015 due to meteorological conditions, such as the temperature and predominant wind direction. On average for the Netherlands, the estimate for 2020 is similar to the estimate made last year, while the estimate for 2030 is lower than previously estimated. The latter is due to lower estimated nitrogen oxide emissions by sea shipping than was estimated last year as a result of new stricter rules for seagoing vessels on the North Sea after 2020.

Greater reduction in estimated nitrogen deposition on soil

The average quantity of nitrogen deposited on soil is expected to decrease in the coming years. This is due to declining emissions by traffic, shipping and agriculture. The decrease until 2030 is estimated larger than estimated last year, as a result of the new rules for the emissions of seagoing vessels on the North Sea and lower projected emissions from countries neighbouring the Netherlands.

To reference/ cite  this report use:  DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2017-0117

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