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Ex ante evaluation of local policy for dealing with diffuse soil lead

Ex ante evaluatie lokaal beleid aanpak diffuus bodemlood


The provinces of Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, and Utrecht are looking for a collective approach for dealing with large areas where the soil has been polluted by various sources of lead (diffuse lead). The areas in question are primarily neighbourhoods in pre-war city centres and old village centres. Zaanstad is the first municipality in the Netherlands that has formulated policy for this purpose. RIVM has evaluated Zaanstad’s policy to see whether this policy is applicable on a wider basis. The conclusion is that Zaanstad is implementing the greater part of the recommendations of RIVM and the Municipal Public Health Services from 2016 in practice and is reducing exposure to soil lead accordingly.

Within the Zaanstad policy framework, a public information campaign was organised for residents. User recommendations were formulated, for example ensuring that children do not play on the bare soil and that they always wash their hands after playing outside. Parents are also advised to choose a sandbox with clean sand and a good covering of grass in their garden. In addition, a remediation criterion was determined for dealing with privately owned polluted gardens. If the concentration of lead in the garden is below this criterion, it’s sufficient to follow the user recommendations. If higher concentrations are present, additional measures are required (remediation or customised measures).

RIVM advises municipalities to take stock of the locations that are used intensively by children and to take adequate measures, if necessary. In addition, municipalities are advised to continue providing information to residents and to monitor whether they are familiar with the user recommendations.



To reference/ cite  this report use:  DOI 10.21945/RIVM-2017-0174

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