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SimpleBox 4.0 : A multimedia mass balance model for evaluating the fate of chemical substances


This document provides the technical description of the revised multimedia fate model SimpleBox 4.01 (20150331).

SimpleBox is a nested multi-media environmental fate model of the socalled Mackay level III/IV type. The environment is modelled as consisting of well-mixed environmental compartments (air, water, sediment, soil, etc.), at three spatial scales. Emissions to the compartments, transfer and partitioning between the compartments, and removal from the compartments are used to compute the steadystate and quasi-dynamic masses of chemical substance in the environment. The SimpleBox model simulates the environmental fates of different substances in different landscape settings, of which the characteristics are provided with the model database. In its default settings, SimpleBox returns results for a typical chemical, given a typical emission, to a typical environment.

SimpleBox vs. 4.01 (20150331) is an update of the SimpleBox vs 3.0 (20040614). Structural improvements made to the former version are the removal of the local scale and the vegetation compartments, and the addition of lake water and deep-sea water compartments. Further improvements are a number of updates which implement new scientific insights in transport and degradation processes. The model's application domain has been extended to cover a wider suite of chemical substances, notably ionizing compounds such as metals, organic acids, and bases.

This report has been written to provide technical documentation for the new SimpleBox model.

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