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Annual report 2016 now online

Publication date: 06 July 2017
Modificationdate: 06 July 2017

In our annual report, we look back at compelling RIVM projects and research in which RIVM was involved in 2016. Our expertise is broader than what we can showcase in this report. Accordingly, we present some of the most notable examples from 2016. For instance, the National Risk Profile, a large-scale study into the health effects of the livestock sector in east Noord Brabant and north Limburg, the new population screening for cervical cancer, and of course, our report on rubber granulate.

RIVM plays a relevant role in the very heart of Dutch society on a day-to-day basis. The topics we work on have an impact on people, public health, the environment, and the spaces in which people live and work. We further strengthened our role as trusted advisor and intensified our contact with society.

"Working in the very heart of society" is our starting point. The website, as well as social media, plays an important role. In 2016, RIVM  increased its social visibility in various media. RIVM appeared more frequently in newspapers, was mentioned more often online, and the website was visited more frequently. Infographics about this data are available in the annual report.

This year’s annual report is once again published as an online magazine, which is easy to read and share. New this year is  a video  introduction featuring RIVM’s Director-General.

Introduction featuring Director-General Andre van der Zande

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Video introduction annual report 2016

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