• European Health Information Initiative

    The WHO Regional Office for Europe and the RIVM have joined forces to improve the European health information situation and create a stronger and more sustainable information system. The European health information initiative aims to expand into a multi-partner network organization. It is active in the field of health information, including health data, indictors, monitoring and reporting as well as evidence to inform health policy.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre Antimicrobial Resistance Epidemiology and Surveillance

    The Collaborating Centre supports WHO with the implementation of the European Strategic Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistance of which AMR surveillance is an integral component. AMR surveillance provides the necessary insight into the current AMR situation required for an effective and targeted approach to AMR.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Immunotoxicology and Allergic Hypersensitivity

    WHO Collaborating Centre for Immunotoxicology and Allergic Hypersensitivity is concerned with adverse effects of chemicals on the immune system and aims to improve risk assessment methodologies in this field. The Collaborating Centre was instated within the International Programme on Chemical Safety of WHO, and is member of the WHO/IPCS Risk Assessment Network.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Nutrition

    Since 2008, RIVM has been a designated WHO Collaborating Centre for Nutrition. The centre supports the work of the World Health Organization (WHO) on nutrition, physical activity and obesity, through research and scientific publications, development of methodologies and manuals, training courses and workshops, participating as experts in WHO-meetings and providing expert advice to WHO and Member States.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for the Family of International Classifications (FIC)

    WHO Collaborating Centre for the Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC CC) in the Netherlands acts as an expert centre in the field of WHO health classifications. The Centre was first designated by WHO in 1989, and resorts under RIVM since 1998. The current designation period runs until October 2017.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Product Regulation and Control

    The WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Product Regulation and Control is one of the leading labs within the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet).

  • WHO Collaborating Centre on Chemical Food Safety

    RIVM supports the WHO with the GEMS/Food programme. This Global Environment Monitoring System - Food Contamination Monitoring and Assessment Programme - collects data and develops advice for governments, organisations and Codex Comitees with regard to levels of contaminants in food, trends therein, contribution to the total human exposure and relevance for public health and trade. The WHO CC Chemical Food Safety was designated to RIVM in May 2013 for a period of 4 years.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Food and Water

    The Collaborating Centre supports the World Health Organization (WHO) with capacity building in the field of microbial food and water safety. Based on Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment, including e.g. hazard identification and risk characterisation, knowledge is generated and tools are developed to support WHO activities.

  • WHO Collaborating Centre Smallpox Vaccine

    The collaborating centre for smallpox vaccines at RIVM supports WHO with knowledge on vaccines and vaccination and expertise on vaccine potency testing

  • WHO Collaborating Centres

    RIVM cooperates with the World Health Organization (WHO) in various ways. For instance, members of Staff are seconded to WHO Europe to work on prevention of tuberculosis and antimicrobial resistance. We also made an agreement with WHO Europe for cooperation on health information and antimicrobial resistance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. RIVM also functions as a polio reference laboratory. In addition, we host WHO Collaborating Centres supporting various WHO programmes.

  • WHO European Health Information Initiative

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