Rubber granulate

<p>Rubber granulate is used on synthetic turf fields to give them the properties of a natural grass field. It is made from rubber tyres. <abbr title="National Institute for Public Health and the Environment">RIVM</abbr> was instructed by the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Edith Schippers (VWS) to conduct research into rubber granulate. This research consisted of a systematic review and field research. RIVM has conducted the research in collaboration with many other parties.</p>

RIVM used a variety of methods to obtain more knowledge about rubber granulate on synthetic turf fields and the possible health effects. RIVM carried out a systematic review to assess all the relevant scientific publications. These findings were combined with field research to clarify which substances are contained in rubber granulate. Another aspect of the research was a laboratory analysis of a selection of the samples taken from synthetic sports fields to determine the extent to which substances can be released in certain circumstances, for example through contact with the skin or ingestion of the granulate. RIVM has conducted the research in collaboration with many other parties.

RIVM report 'Evaluation of health risks of playing sports on synthetic turf pitches with rubber granulate'

boys playing football on sport field with rubber crumbs

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